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Robert D. Kaplan’s The Revenge of Geography Book Launch Event

In Defense of Being Offensive: Jonathan Rauch on the New Threats to Free Thought

Crack The Surface – Episode I + Episode II

Better Web Application Framework

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Sean Kelly

Jodorowsky’s Dune Documentary Trailer

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Cory Doctorow: Google’s YouTube policy for Android users is copyright extremism

Unless you’re running a very specific version of Google’s software on your phone or tablet, you can’t “rent” movies on YouTube.

This is as extreme as copyright gets, really. Book publishers have never told you which rooms you could read in, or what light bulbs you were allowed to use, or whether you could rebind the book or take it abroad with you. Broadcasters have never vetoed the design of radios.

The extension of copyright to “configuration right” is a profound shift in the history of technology and culture.

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Google’s YouTube policy for Android users is copyright extremism | Technology | guardian.co.uk
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Arthur C. Clarke – Space Elevator

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Star Trek Movie Mistakes

Star Wars – A Fan Documentary – By Jambe Davdar

Für alle die nicht genug von Star Wars behind the scenes bekommen können, hier gibt es eine Fan Doku über alle Teile der ersten Trilogie mit Interviews und Kommentare.
Einige der Videos sind hinter einem Geoipblock, aber dass die Videos nach drei Jahren überhaupt noch auf YouTube sind, ist schon ein Wunder in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass die Dokumentation zu 99% aus Clips aus den Filmen besteht.

Star Wars – A Fan Documentary – By Jambe Davdar

Star Wars Begins

Building Empire

Returning to Jedi

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YouTube – jambedavdar’s Channel

Arithmetic logic units and complete CPUs in Minecraft

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<a class="link" href="http://www.minecraftforum viagra kaufen nachnahme.net/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=69299″>Working CPU with RAM, branching, etc… (save added) – Minecraft Forum
cpu – Lazcraft Minecraft Blog – Page 1
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Lunnaya Raduga (Лунная радуга) (1984) – Soviet science fiction

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Take a trippy journey into 1980s Soviet science fiction with Lunnaya Raduga – io9

Cory Doctorow: Every Pirate Wants to Be an Admiral – why less copyright gets you more culture

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Every Pirate Wants to Be an Admiral: why less copyright gets you more culture – Boing Boing
Cory Doctorow on copyright and piracy: ‘Every pirate wants to be an admiral’ – video | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Mind Map of the History of Science Fiction

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Mind Map of the History of Science Fiction | Futurismic

Enterprise First Test Flight 1977

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Space Shuttle Enterprise – Wikipedia
Approach and Landing Tests – Wikipedia

Microworld: William Shatners psychedelic 1976-Minidoc about Microprocessors

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Microworld: William Shatners psychedelic 1976-Minidoc about Microprocessors – Nerdcore

paleofuture.tv [episode 00001: apocalypse]

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Paleo-Future – paleofuture.tv
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Kitty – Soviet computer animation from 1968 (BESM-4)

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BESM – Wikipedia
Timeline of computer animation in film and television – Wikipedia


Satellogic specializes in the creation and management of off-earth network infrastructure. Founded in 2010 by two graduates of the NASA Ames based Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program, Satellogic is developing the airborne communications backbone necessary to open realtime satellite data to the masses. By creating a globally accessible nano-satellite based mesh network in low earth orbit, Satellogic can serve as a virtual ground station for traditional satellites while providing earth observation data recorded by the constellation.

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[via Sentient Developments: Satellogic]